Property TextBox

Two-way text messaging using existing landline phone numbers

TextBox is an inexpensive and powerful tool that allows property management staff to send and receive text messages from their existing property telephone number using their computers.

A powerful way to communicate with your residents
...the way they prefer.

Face it, many people don't answer their phones, don't check their voicemail, and don't read their email. Why waste your time and theirs even trying?

But, they send and receive text messages... all day long.

TextBox leverages the value of your existing, recognized property telephone number by making it a part of the text network (without any changes or disruptions to your existing voice telephone services).

You and your staff can send/receive messages from your number from the comfort of your computers and/or other internet connected devices… Anywhere!


Add call or text to your signs, website and other promotional materials to give prospective residents an easy frictionless and non-intimidating way to start a conversation.
Turn that conversation into a tour.

increase occupancy


A friendly text reminder between the due date and late date dramatically reduces late payments and the hassles of chasing down tenants for payment.

Reach residents quickly and efficiently in the way they are most likely to see and respond to your message.

maintenance requests

Handle routine maintenance requests
quickly and efficiently.

You have a permanent record of your conversations.

increase satisfaction

Save time and increase satisfaction
by instantly delivering messages to individuals or groups in seconds.


What They're Saying...

  • “If my owner won’t pay for it, I’ll put it on my personal credit card!”
              -KM, Property Manager
  • “I used it yesterday and got through to two people that I had been chasing all month!”
              -DM, Assistant Property Manager
  • “It’s the best innovation we’ve had in many years!”
              -MM, Regional Manager
  • "We replaced my computer this week and I didn't have TextBox for 3 days. I was lost without it!"
              -JF, Property Manager
  • "We added 'text or call' to our property signs and many mornings we have text inquires waiting for us when we come into the office."
              -BT, Property Manager
  • "We started texting residents between the 1st and the 3rd to remind them of late charges after the 3rd. On the 3rd our delinquencies have been 50% lower than previous months."
              -SG, Assistant Property Manager
  • "Thank YOU!  Still can't believe I did this job for 18 years without TextBox!!!!"
    -Jennifer, Property Manager